Andy Lofstrand’s passion for remodeling can be traced all the way back to 1953 when his parents decided to add a sizeable addition to their home. Andy was intrigued by everything: the tools, the processes, and the craftsmanship.

I spent a lot of time getting in the way wanting to know what was going on and why,” explained Andy. “And when tools or materials were missing they knew just where to find me…constructing a three story tree house.”

Then, in 1975, Andy’s passion for remodeling grew when he had the opportunity to build his own log home in Myersville, Maryland. After that experience, Andy was hooked. 11 years later, he started Handy Andy.

It was originally Andy’s intention to just do small home repairs, but that quickly changed. The business took off and Andy continued to expand his services to include custom interior painting, decorative painting and faux finishes, wallpapering, carpentry, and furniture painting.

Over the years, my business has grown because my customers appreciate my attention to detail, my quality craftsmanship, my fair prices, and my passion for my job.” – Handy Andy