Basement Finishing Contractor in Frederick

Basement Finishing Contractor in FrederickWhen it comes time to sell your home, finished space adds more value than unfinished space. The word “Duh” comes to mind. However, many homeowners forgo finishing their basements in favor of other, less beneficial projects. But why? Simply finishing your basement can add as much as $30 per square foot to your home value. In 2010, basement finishing added roughly $45,000 to the resale value of homes. Wow! And with a 77% return on investment, basement finishing is a smart move. Now you just need to find the right basement finishing contractor.

Finding a Basement Finishing Contractor in Frederick

Andy Lofstrand, better known to some as Handy Andy, is a basement finishing contractor who specializes in light remodeling. Andy can handle everything from crown molding and casings to drywall and plaster repair, baseboards, custom trim work, and so much more. Andy also specializes in light bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

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“I credit my success in the business to my enthusiasm for the craft, the highest regard for craftsmanship, and providing consistent quality over a long period of time at a fair price,” said Andy, who has more than 27 years of experience in the home improvement and remodeling industry.

A professionally finished basement will add value and functionality to your home. Just think about the possibilities. Your unfinished basement is currently nothing more than a glorified closet – a blank canvas waiting to make your artistic vision come to life. Have you always dreamed of a media room? Now’s your chance. Have you always wanted your own home theater? What’s stopping you? Of course, you could always go the more responsible route and add an extra bedroom and bathroom. Ca-ching! Hello, increased home value.

Additional benefits include:

  1. Unfinished basements tend to be both damp and humid, making them a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Not only does mold smell bad, but it has also been linked to several health issues.
  2. Unfinished basements are rarely insulated. As a result, the energy efficiency of your entire home can suffer. This will not only affect your comfort level, but also your energy bills. And with winter fast approaching, you cannot afford to wait. According to climate experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Frederick is in for ANOTHER harsh winter.
  3. And More!

Looking for a Basement Finishing Contractor in Frederick County? You’ve found him! Please contact Andy Lofstrand by calling (301) 639-6879 or email You can also follow Handy Andy on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest for home improvement tips and tricks.