The Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen RemodelingWhen most people buy a home, the first room to get remodeled is usually the kitchen. Whether it is redoing the floors, updating the design, or installing all new appliances and cabinets, kitchen remodels can range from small to huge in terms of scale and price. However, given that is one of the most trafficked rooms in the house, remodeling your kitchen offers a number of benefits.

The Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling

Increase the value of your home

One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home is to remodel your kitchen. According to Remodeling Magazine, homeowners can recoup anywhere from 68% to 75% of their kitchen remodeling cost. Currently, a kitchen remodel costs around $17,000, which means you can expect to recoup over $11,000 in resale value.

Additionally, a remodeled kitchen can help your home sell much faster than an outdated kitchen that needs to first be updated. If your budget is small, consider focusing on the kitchen first, as that can often help buyers overlook other problem areas in the house.

Take advantage of new designs

Open floor plans and layouts are all the rage on HGTV – so why not make your home fit the mold? An open layout gives you a chance to declutter your kitchen, watch kids in an adjacent family room, and walk freely as you cook. You might also want to think about installing a kitchen island, which can be a great way of adding additional counter space.

Get more storage!

Storage spaces in kitchens seem to disappear with the more people you have in a household. As a result, a kitchen remodel is a great opportunity to expand your cabinetry options to gain additional storage. One nifty item you might want to consider is a slide-out pantry or cabinets. Alternatively, you might also want to consider a walk-in pantry if you’re a dedicated chef.

These are just a few benefits to consider if you decide to pursue kitchen remodeling. If you have any questions about kitchen remodeling, please contact Andy Lofstrand through email or by calling (301) 639-6879. You can also follow Handy Andy on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest for home improvement tips and tricks.