How to Find the Right Home Improvement Contractor in Frederick

Frederick Home Improvement ContractorFinding the right home improvement contractor is always a daunting task. You need someone professional but affordable, available but flexible. Word of mouth is a common way of finding someone that fits your needs – because you received information from someone you trust. If you do not have reliable connections, you will need to search for a contractor online. Of course we are biased, but here are some tips for choosing the right contractor for you in the Frederick area.

Browse Reviews & Recommendations

Search sites like Yelp and Facebook for comments and reviews of a company. Our advice is not to just look at the number of stars- read the reviews and makes your own determination if they are sound. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry also has lists of members in various locations that you can speak with. Any building inspector generally knows what contractors meet required construction codes, so that is another route to take. Compile a list of potential home improvement contractors for the next step.

Make a Few Phone Calls

When you start calling companies from your list of contractors in Frederick, you will get an idea of how efficiently the company is from the receptionist on the other line. If they seem frazzled, you know that they may forget appointments or be over-booked a lot. Handy Andy actually answers the phone himself and will be happy to speak with you to set up an appointment. Find out what credentials each company has- meaning contracting licenses and what associations they belong to.

Set up Appointments

Most home improvement contractors will come out, meet you, and give you a quote for the job. During this meeting, you can get a feel for the contractor’s personality and professionalism. If you do not get a good vibe about him or her, you are not obligated to follow through on hiring that company. Make sure an estimate is in writing, and look at the contract carefully. Elements that should be included are a bid price, the scope of work, a set work plan, a change-order clause, a waiver of lien, and a few others.

Hire the Right Home Improvement Contractor in Frederick

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