Looking for a Home Improvement Contractor in Frederick? Look No Farther!

Home Improvement Contractor FrederickWinter is Coming! If you have ever watched HBO’s Game of Thrones or read George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, you probably get the reference. If you have never seen the series or read any of the books, you probably still get the gist. Fall is here, which means winter is right around the corner. The temperature has started to drop, the leaves have started to change, and homeowners throughout Frederick, Maryland are switching from outdoor to indoor home improvement projects. After all, with winter not too far off people will begin spending more and more time indoors.

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or basement? Do you have a painting job that needs to get done? If so, you need a Home Improvement Contractor. Unlike outdoor projects, most indoor projects require a little more know-how. In many cases, these projects require a professional touch.

Looking for a Home Improvement Contractor in Frederick? Look No Farther!

Andy Lofstrand, better known in home improvement circles as Handy Andy, is a remodeling contractor who specializes in light kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Andy has been in the home improvement industry for 27 years and can handle everything from crown molding and casings to drywall and plaster repair, baseboards, custom trim work, and so much more.

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“I credit my success in the business to my enthusiasm for the craft, the highest regard for craftsmanship, and providing consistent quality over a long period of time at a fair price,” said Andy.

Handy Andy is the man for the job!

Benefits of Remodeling

The Right Remodeling Project Can Increase Home Value

Kitchen remodeling (72.2% return on investment), bathroom remodeling (60% ROI), and basement remodeling (63.2% ROI) are three of the best ways to add value to your Frederick home.

Add Usable Space

With winter right around the corner, you are bound to spend more and more time indoors. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some more space? Maybe you’ve always wanted a home theater. Maybe you’ve always wanted a home spa. Maybe you’ve always wanted a game room. Now’s your chance.

And So Much More!

Need a Home Improvement Contractor in Frederick? You’ve found him! Please contact Andy Lofstrand by calling (301) 639-6879 or email Andy.Lofstrand@gmail.com. You can also follow Handy Andy on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest for home improvement tips and tricks.