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Professional Home Improvement, Neighborly Customer Service

Home Improvement Customer ServiceEven in today’s do-it-yourself world, there are just certain projects that you cannot hope to tackle yourself: bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, etc. But you don’t want to deal with impersonal home improvement contractors or worse, subcontractors. Yuck! There is nothing quite as frustrating as waiting, waiting, and waiting for your contractor to show up and get to work. Then, when he finally shows up and gets to work, the project inevitably takes longer than estimated, goes over budget, and, meanwhile, your contractor disappears for hours, days, or (god forbid) weeks at a time. Worse, he is not answering his phone or email. So you are left in home improvement limbo, with your kitchen torn apart, just waiting to be finished to you can resume your normal, everyday life.

The solution: Handy Andy!

Handy Andy: Professional Home Improvement, Neighborly Customer Service

Remember the days when home improvement professionals – or any professional for that matter – cared about the work they did and took pride in their work? When you needed a job done, you didn’t have to call a faceless corporation. You picked up the phone and dialed someone you could trust. That’s Andy Lofstrand, aka Handy Andy, the perfect balance of professional quality and neighborly customer service.

With more than 27 years in the home improvement industry, Handy Andy is a remodeling contractor who specializes in light kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling. Andy can handle everything from crown molding and casings to drywall and plaster repair, baseboards, custom trim work, and so much more.

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“Over the years, my business has grown because my customers appreciate my attention to detail, my quality craftsmanship, my fair prices, and my passion for my job,” said Andy.

Looking for a Home Improvement Contractor in Maryland? You’ve found him! Please contact Andy Lofstrand by calling (301) 639-6879 or email Andy.Lofstrand@gmail.com. You can also follow Handy Andy on FacebookTwitter, Google+, and Pinterest for home improvement tips and tricks.