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Should I Hire a Professional Painter?

Professional PainterThere is a simple answer to this question: of course! Does falling off of a ladder, mismatched shades of paint, and no time to relax sound good to you? It is not appealing to us and your safety is essential. Let us do the hard work and also explain why you should hire a professional painter for your home.

Safety while decorating the home is important.

Many injuries occur from people falling off of step ladders. News articles have detailed stories of owners falling off of taller ladders and obtaining far worse consequences. A professional painter has the knowledge and tools to take precautions when painting a house or building. Also, if a painter gets hurt on the job, they will have insurance to back it up. Safety while painting is not just about heights, it also requires knowing how to deal with solvents and dust. When the job is complete, a professional painter will dispose of hazardous waste for you. Handy Andy is trained to effectively protect himself while working and to maintain a safe workspace.

Applying paint to your home is an art.

A professional painter will use durable, lasting paint that will make your walls or exterior look stunning.  Professional grade painting tools and brushes are used, ensuring the overall look and feel of your painted home.  Buying these expensive items yourself for a one time job would not be practical. Also, taping is always a nuisance because the lines must be straight. Handy Andy has put blue tape on walls day in and day out: you can be certain that lines will be clean and the trim will look elegant. Professional painters always have a process they use for each home, and a DIY-er may miss a crucial step.

A professional painter can get the job done in a timely manner.

An average homeowner can take about a month trying to paint the house. Even if you plan on doing it yourself, if something gets in the way, most of the time you will hire a professional to finish the work. Children, errands, work, and other planning activities deter the paint job. But for professional painters, painting is our work. Nothing will be distracting and the task will get done in half the amount of time. Plus, the painting will be done right from the very beginning.

Hire a professional painter in Frederick, Maryland to relieve your worries.  Please contact Andy Lofstrand by calling (301) 639-6879 or email Andy.Lofstrand@gmail.com. You can also follow Handy Andy on FacebookTwitter,  and Pinterest for home improvement tips and tricks.