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Remodeling Makes Your Home More Attractive to Potential Homebuyers

Remodeling HomebuyersWhether you’re looking to sell your house in the next few months or the next few years, remodeling makes your home more attractive to potential homebuyers.

In this economy, people are very careful when making investments, and new homebuyers are especially picky. If a house doesn’t hit everything on their checklist, they won’t settle. Remodeling your home is critical to optimize its value, as well as avoid long negotiations. Continue reading

Winter Home Remodeling for a Haven from the Cold

Winter Home RemodelingWinter can really bite for homeowners due to its combination of plummeting temperatures, dry air, and frigid ice and snow.  Along with any damage the weather can cause to a house over the course of several years, the feelings of all sorts of different sensations can have a major impact on the home’s occupants.  One of the best ways to deal with the season is to keep busy.  Remodeling your home in the middle of the winter is a great idea since you will be there more than usual due to the cold and snow.

Builder’s Benefits

As a homeowner, you have the right to feel comfortable in your own abode.  In fact, you have the right to make an uncomfortable home feel much better.  Besides the clear benefits of not sitting in drafty rooms while the wind howls outside, there are a number of excellent reasons to choose winter as a remodeling season.  Scheduling, for example, tends to be lighter for both the homeowner and the contractor.  Homeowners are more likely to take vacations in the winter than during the spring or fall, and staying indoors during the tough winter months is often a priority.  Meanwhile, contractors may be more willing to work with you since they don’t have to rush to other appointments.  You and your contractor can spend more time working out important details and deciding on a look and feel that can hold up for the entire year, through rain, sun, wind, and snow.  Manufacturers are also more pliable during the winter since they offer reduced prices during the winter due to different types of sales.  Appliances you don’t think you could have afforded earlier in the year suddenly find their prices slashed—convenient for you and the manufacturer since they need to move inventory that is still in new condition.

Even working with outside forces can be easier during the winter months.  Building permits are often easier to get during the winter since government agencies are simply less busy.  The tricky part to working outside is the weather.  When it cooperates, though, you have prime hours to work on big, material-heavy projects such as decks and additions.  However, painting is discouraged, since it takes a lot longer for paint to set than it takes to nail two boards together.  If the weather turns during building, you can throw a tarp over everything and wait.  During painting, however, the moisture can really ruin your plans by washing away any unfinished material, and you need to start over.  If you have any doubts about an outdoor project, check your local ten-day forecast.  If you see any rain or snow, consider putting off your work for a while.

Contact a Professional

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